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Password Update Required

When you log onto your computer you will usually be asked for a password. It is essential that this password meets current recommendations as outlined below.

Our policy is to change passwords if it does not meet current recommendations or you/we feel that the existing password may have been compromised.

Users must select complex passwords of at least 8 characters to include numbers and symbols. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a passphrase such as Buy1Kg@£1.

Do not use names, telephone numbers, addresses, the same password for multiple accounts or any information that can be found on social media.

If you suspect one of your passwords has been compromised change it immediately and inform your line manager and our IT Provider. To change the password that you use when logging on to your Windows account (starting up your computer) hold down the following keyboard keys at the same time Ctrl Alt Del and select ‘Change Password’ from the menu.

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